The creative force of the students of the Spot School Award and Legambiente against the drills.

Creative campaigns to vote Yes in the referendum and say no to drills were carried out by Italian students within the 15TH Spot School Award – Mediterranean Creativity Festival. The brief of the referendum campaign "vote Yes to stop the drills" had been given as one of the contest theme by Legambiente.
Many students of colleges and universities from all over Italy have responded to the message of Protein-ment to stop drilling in our seas, creating social, press, tv ad campaigns that will be selected and awarded within the framework of the 15th Spot School Award Mediterranean Creativity Festival, the international youth communication event that this year will end in Salerno next May.
The theme proposed by Legambiente, overflowing news, touched the sensibilities of young participants also to support the referendum of April, which will be played permanently this match with high environmental interest, where most at risk are the southern seas and territories, unparalleled natural value bead containers and tourism threatened by oil drilling wanted by the Government, with the enactment of a series of decrees but strongly opposed by almost all Italian regions.
The premium Spot School Award thus confirms its mission has always inclined to strengthen students awareness, not only on issues of collective interest, as evidenced by the other two brief in contest of Caritas Italy on the phenomenon of migrants and asylum seekers, and Parkinson Italy Onlus on perception of disease is very aware that not only affects the old as is often thought erroneously. For this latest brief deadline is april 8.
Registration for the Award are open until April; the final days of the event with the Creative Campus and personalities of creativity and design will be held from 25 to 28 May.
The premium Spot School Award is sponsored by the Italian Senate by Ferpi, Unicom, Associates-tion Authors of images, and supported by the city of Salerno, Rai advertising, with partner Lattie Publisher, Fedrigoni, Picturesque Graphics.
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