#Enter now

REGISTRATION TO THE SITE IS FREE. THE ENTRY DEADLINE FOR XVIII SPOT SCHOOL AWARD IS NOW APRIL 19th 2019. Jump-start your creativity and create a social campaign for our Partners.

You can enter campaign paying directly on line the relative amount of 35 euros for one campaign, regardless of the sections chosen if declined in multiple sections.
By entering at least two campaigns the fee is reduced to 25 euros for each campaign.
You can also enter the work by downloading the enter sheet in PDF and send it completed and signed together with the materials and documentation required to:
Association CREATIVISINASCE – XVIII Spot School Award – Via R. Mauri, 98 – 84129 Salerno (Italy)
Deadline: April 5, 2019.

Sign in to know rules and new brief as soon they are on line.
Associazione CreativisinascE – XVIII Spot School Award – Via R. Mauri, 98 – 84129 Salerno (Italia)